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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

what is ' ikee ' !

ikee is basically a worm which infects an iPhone via SSH. Once an iPhone has been infected by ikee, It automatically starts searching for other iPhone’s on the cellular network that use the root:alpine username/password combination. Once it finds another vulnerable iPhone, it installs itself and begins the process again and this goes on like a nuclear chain reaction. ikee virus will disable SSH access on your iPhone and will change the background image to that of “Rick Astley” 

The Ikee Virus Summarized

  • This is the first virus for the iPhone.
  • Some Aussie dude named Ashley created this virus as a proof-of-concept (what an ass).
  • It only affects jailbroken phones.
  • Symptoms: your iPhone wallpaper changes to show a picture of Rick Astley, accompanied by the text Ikee is never gonna give you up.
  • There are 4 variants of the Ikee virus as of this moment – all of which can be removed with a bit of effort.

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