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Sunday, January 10, 2010

barbie !!

  • Fiat - 500 Barbie

Both Barbie and Fiat 500 are two icons born in the late 50’s who continue to gain popularity even today because they remain faithful to their heritage with great design and style. Many people call them toys, but they are much more.

This year, for her birthday, Barbie has received a special car (isn’t it usually a present for 16 years old?): a Fiat 500 customized Barbie, of course shocking pink, even with storage compartments that hide colourful lip gloss with a mirror framed by LEDs. A true fashion car. One of the two models was sold at an auction on November 20, 2009 at the cost of € 20,000.00 and the money raised from the concert was donated to Save the Children.

Who would like to customize their Fiat 500, this brand has announced the creation of a kit of accessories for the customization.

For now we’ll be content to buy the new Mattel toy car dedicated to Fiat “500 of the Barbie“.

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