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Friday, January 8, 2010

JU ON......

Today meet up with my old national 
rhythmic gymnastics team mates at KLCC...
( Durratun & Joey )
We had a great time today =]
had our chit chat + gossiping ~
then we when to TGV to watch 

" Ju-On : white ghost and black ghost "

hmmm... this movie kinda scary + funny !!
Durratun and me close our eyes like for 
the whole entitle movie... LOL !!
like training our hands ~ felt our hands very 
tired after watching this movie... wakakakaka

Later on we had some camwore before go back home ^^
really miss them ~
♥ ♥ ♥

" Ju-On : white ghost and black ghost "


JU-ON: WHITE GHOST - In a certain house, a son who failed the bar examination kills five members of his family one by one. He then dies by hanging himself. At the moment of his death, he made a cassette tape recording in which he can be heard saying "I'll go. I'll go soon..." On the same tape can be heard the eerie sound of a young girl's voice. The entire family is slaughtered. A former friend, Mirai, is murdered, her throat slit. In the midst of her despair, a young girl, Akane (Akina Minami), sees.

JU-ON: BLACK GHOST - Nurse Yuko (Ai Kago) is left in charge of a young girl named Fukie, and begins to experience strange things. Medical examination reveals that there is a 'cyst' in Fukie's body. The hatred of the unborn one is feeding off of the young girl and curses the people around her. This is the grudge of someone that could not be born. Filled with an unimaginable 'hatred', people are killed one after the other with a curse.

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