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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Tiny mini small

Bought a very small digital weighting scale for the girls :) it's very convenient to bring along to every where and also give me the actual weight of the girls. No more arguing that their weight is wrongly scale. Haha... *evil coach*

The size of a pen!!! Hahahaha...

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2 little companion

These 2 little fishy will accompany me for these few days... because Jun will be away for 5 days *sob...sob* he's going to Tioman Island for his Advance Diving test, i'll be lonely every night i come back from work... so i bought these 2 little fish to accompany me. They are so cute with black spots on all over their body. I've took a picture of them to show you :)

aren't they cute XD

Hello Kitty contact lens casing

Last few weeks I went for shopping and bought my self a new Hello Kitty contact lens casing at Isetan *mad happy* but kinda costly though... It's very convenient and easy to bring along, it got a contact lens case and a small bottle for the solution.

M.I.A for some time...

Oh my.... it's been such a long time i did not update my blog *sad max...*
it become outdated blog already *sigh*

I need to pay more attention on my blog from now onwards *ha ha*