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Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Convocation 2010

Yesterday was my Convocation ceremony... Bye bye MIA (malaysian institute of art) :)
Mum & Dad came down on Friday night. So happy that they can attend my convocation *love you guys!* During the ceremony kinda sleepy though *Zzzzz...* Thanks to the speech that they gave, so boring... Took some pictures with my friends after the ceremony *happy* after that we when to Genting Klang's Face to Face pan mee restaurant to had our breakfast+lunch. When home had some rest then went out to studio to take my convocation pictures with my family. After dinner mum & dad went back to Penang *sad* will see them again these coming Saturday *yeay!* me going back to Penang for holiday for 1week :) miss my home & the doggies !
Okay no more typing...photo time :)

the flower...the bear look like JK *LOL*

spot me eh? haha...

mummy with her flower...*aiyooo...must take picture with the flower lo so expensive!*

my friends and me...

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Ting said...

congrats cutie pie!! :)