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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Convocation week...

My classmates and i been busying with our diploma show work for a few weeks already. Each of us fall sick one at a time *cough cough* hopefully we manage to finish up on time *pray hard hard* ^.^ wish all the sick sick friends get well soon + me too...
This coming Sunday is our convocation day *hoooray! at last...* Mum and Dad is coming down to Kuala Lumpur to attend my convocation ceremony. Feels very happy because Dad close his shop for 1 day to come and celebrate with me, usually he won't close his shop for any occasions except chinese new year lah~ So happy that he did it for ME !!! Love you daddy & mummy too...XD
The following week will be the opening of our diploma show on the 12th of November. Hope every one will enjoy and appreciate our work, we put alot of effort in it to make this show happens.
okay i'll stop here...really excited about this Sunday !

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