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Thursday, April 22, 2010

reminds me of old times...

Had some time by my own at home alone...
I have nothing to do so...
I google search myself *blushing+evil smile*

I found 3 new pictures of me during '2007 World Championship'
I think before that i've collected all the pictures
of me from the net already...
surprisingly i get to find these 3 new pictures

*mad happy lo*
*siok sendiri*
*laughing alone*

all these pictures reminds me of those time when i'm still
doing Rhythmic Gymnastic...
All the memories is still very fresh to me although...
i've quit and get out of Malaysia team like almost 3years.
Miss gym so much ~ and Mrs. Helen too (my russian coach)
Misses all those tough training sessions
and those CRAZY DIET !! haha ~

Just a thought of it ~ JUST ! ~
maybe....if i'm tired of all the OT'ing in the office,
i'll go back to do coaching for rhythmic gymnsatics
haha ~ *dreaming*

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