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Monday, April 19, 2010

Internship ~

Long time didn't update my blog dy...
now in the office doing my last year internship
then i'll be graduating by end of this year.
(p/s: hope so ~ *finger cross )

Me now internship at OCTAGON creative Sdn Bhd.
A graphic design company. It's a great company =]
everyone in the office is such a nice person,
they are so friendly and kind and etc...
I learn a lot of new skills and new things here.
sometimes i feels kinda stupid to ask them those stupid basic questions,
surprisingly they didn't hesitate to teach and explain every details to me =]

A lot of project to do and also OT too... (>.<)
once i tried is OT with 2 of my colleague OT till 1am
Ha it's a great experience though...on that day some more no electricity, no lift...
scary + excited

ok now upload my camwhore pic in the office la =]
just for fun !!

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