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Monday, December 21, 2009

Bali ~

Thanks to Mr. J.K for giving me my best 21st bday present (Bali holiday trip) 

love you ~   

okay i'll post the picture and put caption on it so that it wont be too boring with only pictures... ^^

Bali famous chicken crispy rice.... Taste kinda nice thou =]

you can see this type of architecture every where around Bali....

sexy back !!! LoL"

Dick Dick !! every where....

Just Love this view.... feels so calm ~


look like Bollywood movie... dance and sing with the trees... lol "


the eagle look so handsome.... haha

shhhh... he's resting ~

like this pic alot... took this pic with slow shutter speed ~

wash away all the bad bad luck....soosh ~

took picture with the 3 volcano !

don't know what 'keropok' is this... taste very weird lo.... 
got sweet + salty + spicy = ???

squezzzz the sun..... =]

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