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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

shopping alone ~

Today after rehab i take the LRT back home...
But on the way back, the LRT route will pass by KLCC, so i decided to stop at KLCC station =]
I really enjoy doing shopping alone ^^ cos no need to rush can wait my time there to look at every thing i like !
I bought a few things today...
like it soooo much !

I love this Hello Kitty bag so much  =3

The back view...

I like this 1 too... It's a car rear mirror with Hello Kitty ribbon on it...can't wait to install it to my car !

This is just a note book that i saw it really cute so i bought it, but i dunno what to write in it...just bought it because it's cute =]
This is a small pink pouch to keep all my membership cards and other sorts of card ~
Just love those stars on it ^^

This is an alphabet sticker...Maybe i'll gonna put on the note book that i bought ~ hmmm...

Guess what...This is my bamboo wacom pen ! Love those ' Bling Bling '

That's all for today shopping items...tired  !

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