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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tomorrow morning will be going to see the Doc at KLSMC for 2nd check-up for my knee  >.<
Need to pray hard so that the Doc won't scold me for not doing my rehab at KLSMC    T.T
I done my rehab at BUKIT JALIL cos there i don't have to pay for my rehab session, it's free !
(p/s: cos im a ex-national gymnast so they have my records over there)

Another thing that i pray really really hards is that
 " hope my knee can get well as soon as possible "
Today rains very heavily, so on my way to Bukit Jalil LRT station, i fell down because the floor is slippery... my knee hurts alot     T.T

MY knee is loose because the PCL torn so i need to walk very carefully on all the slippery and flat surface floor...

Im going back to Penang on thursday.... i really miss my home alot....

1 comment:

Cindy said...

oh my god...walk carefully la next time.Don't injured again lor.