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Saturday, March 19, 2011

recently addicted activity

Recently J.K and me addicted to a new activity that we can do it together :)

It's " Scuba Diving "

omg!! my eyebrow make me look so weird loh~

Now we are taking the scuba diving lesson, and next weekend we will be going to Lang Tengah island to do our qualification in open water *damn excited*

The reason that make us wanted to take scuba diving lesson is because last time during our vacations we just get to do snorkeling, can't get enough to see all the living things under the sea... so... now we can even get close to them and see more interesting creature/fishes/corals.

Wish us luck !
Hope that we can pass the open water test La ! *pray hard*

I look so funny with the goggles and the regulator too...

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