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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thank You...

starts to MISS Velocity blue blue dancers already T.T miss the chit chat session in the dressing room
*and the cup cakes*

THANKS Vivian for putting me in ur piece, i've learn alot...& meet new great friends.

THANKS Nadia for the delicious cup cakes :)
*can't have enough of it*

THANKS Frankie, Lore, Yusri, Arina, Dennis & Helen for being my friends... It's great to know all of you, you guys are so talented, funny & cheerful
*missing you guys* wish that we can get together again some times :)
(p/s: Arina now i know u did not have a child nor married XD)

Hui Yee long time we didn't dance together already...thanks vivian for letting us to gather again, make me miss those days when we train together in Bukit Jalil...

(p/s: all the best to Lore, Frankie & Helen who will be performing tonight XD)

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