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Friday, July 30, 2010

it's my Birthday...

It's my 22nd Birthday !!

Thanks to all my friends for wishing me in FB
Love you all xoxo

Thanks to my classmates for celebrating my bday @ Melawati, KFC
and thanks for the bday cake + present

Thanks to my darling and his friends too for celebrating my bday dinner
@ Bangsar, Madam Kwan

( i won't forget about the coffee bean's red red color coconut cake XD )

Last but not least...
Biggest Thanks to
my mummy & daddy
specially to mummy !
Thanks for bringing me to this wonderful world...xoxo

The red red coconut cake from Coffee Bean

Thanks darling for the rose xoxo

and also this sakai doll XD

do both of them look a like XD (sakai doll + darling)

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