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Monday, May 31, 2010

Wedding dinner @ Seremban

Saturday evening after class went back
to Seremban with darling and his friends.
Because on Sunday night we need to attend
one of darling's friend wedding dinner.
Saturday night whole bunch of friends went
to Seremban Jusco Green Box to karaoke.
*didn't took any picture though

But Sunday night during the wedding dinner
we had lots of fun taking picture with the
huge ribbon that attach on the chair *LOL*

After the wedding dinner we also bought a cake
for Redz to celebrate his birthday.
His actual birthday is on Monday.

But when the dinner is almost over...
suddenly a man drank too much
and a spirit goes into his body (>.<)
4 other man try to put him down also can't
omg ! scary !

okay no more talking...
let the pictures do the talking then XP

picture with the ribbon XD

picture with the birthday boy

random picture

serious group picture

crazy face group picture

like this picture every much XP

me and darling

random picture

crazy face

breakfast with baby Zoe

*do u realize that on the wedding dinner
pictures...all of it do have the ribbon
inside. LOL !*

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